Welcome to my personal website!


This is just a quick welcome post, nothing major going to happen here. For those of you that are lazy, just TLDR your way to the navigation bar of your browser and type something else.

I’m setting up my personal site┬áto get a bit more experience running a website on a regular basis, I’ve run www.fearlessfourgosouth.com for over a year for my Dad, but my own personal domain has pretty much gone unused or at the very least, totally unseen. I also want to try my hand at blogging – sure why not.

And there’s always the handy byproduct of knowing that if it kicks off, there might even be a few yoyos in the adsense kitty to pay for the not inexpensive digiweb to store my pandering bullshit on a server somewhere. Click them ads, visitors!

Take care for now.